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Welcome to Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital: Your Pet's Health Is Our Priority

Welcome to Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital, home to your Universal City veterinarian! Our animal hospital is passionate about proactive wellness care. We believe wellness care, including vaccinations, spay & neuter, and annual exams, are the best way to help pets stay healthy and active for years to come. Led by our experienced veterinarian Dr. Randy Cottingham, our vet care team strives for excellence, professionalism and compassion. From wellness exams and emergency surgery to pet boarding and puppy/dog training, our animal hospital’s vet services keep Universal City, Converse, Schertz and all surrounding area pets in great health.

Meet Your Universal City Veterinary Hospital

Wellness care is the cornerstone for our practice. With more than three decades of experience in veterinary care, Dr. Cottingham understands just how important disease prevention truly is for dogs and cats. Our affordable vaccines protect pets against dangerous illnesses, including distemper and parvo, while also saving you money by reducing the need for expensive emergency care visits. We recommend all young puppies and kittens receive the puppy/kitten vaccination series, which is a series of shots to prevent young pets from contracting deadly diseases while their immune system develops. We also offer flea, tick and heartworm prevention products, which can further protect your pet from serious diseases.

Even with the best wellness care, we know that pets sometimes become sick or experience health emergencies. Our vet team is familiar with the latest veterinary technology, which ensures your pet receives the highest quality care possible. Our high-tech surgical suites and advanced diagnostic services, including digital radiography and ultrasound, ensure that should your pet become ill, we can quickly and accurately diagnose your pet’s health problems. In the event of a health emergency, our animal hospital is fully equipped to treat your pet during our regular practice hours.

Dental care is an important, if sometimes overlooked, part of pet wellness care. Many pet owners are surprised to learn that poor oral health does more than just cause bad dog breath. Bacterial infections that originate in a pet’s gums may enter the bloodstream and spread throughout a pet’s body, leading to serious health problems. An annual dental cleaning, along with at-home dental cleanings, are the best way to protect your pet’s teeth and gums and prevent serious oral illnesses.

From our friendly receptionists and experienced vet technicians to our talented trainers and veterinarians, the entire Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital team is excited to welcome you into our veterinary family. Our animal vet hospital is a family-friendly environment where we stress professionalism and compassionate care.

We are passionate about teaching responsible pet care. This website is a great resource to educate yourself and find answers to your most frequently asked veterinary pet health questions. You can also contact our vet at any time to discuss pet care concerns you may have. We also invite you to visit our online pet store boutique for hip, unique pet care products.

To learn more about our pet care services, including wellness exams, boarding, training and our pet store boutique, contact our veterinary team today at 210-658-3574.

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